As A Notebook (Legacy)

As of version Overwatch will begin sunsetting this deployment method. Please reference Running A Job As A Notebook for the updated method for deploying Overwatch. This method will likely be deprecated in Overwatch version 0.8 and no longer be supported in 0.9.

The new deployment method provides support for a “single-workspace deployment” or “multi-workspace deployment” where a single Overwatch job is configured and loads data from all workspaces. More details available in Running A Job As A Notebook.

Legacy Deployment Method

The legacy deployment method requires an Overwatch job to run locally on each workspace that is to be monitored.

The Process

  • Use a “Runner Notebook” to build a JSON config string
  • Use the JSON config string to Initialize Overwatch Workspace
  • Use the Overwatch Workspace Object to launch the Pipelines

Below is a pseudocode example. This is essentially all that is happening. All the commands and widgets in the runner notebooks are just there to help customers derive the json config string.

val myJsonConfig = """someJSONString"""
val workspace = Initializer(myJsonConfig)

Getting a strong first run is critical. Please review Getting A Strong First Run in advanced topics before continuing if this is your first deployment.

Jump Start Notebooks

The following notebooks will demonstrate a typical setup for Overwatch deployments. Populate the necessary variables/widgets for your environment.