Running Overwatch

An Overwatch deployment is simply a workload and as such can be run within a notebook or as a Job using a Main class

As of Version

To deploy Overwatch through the following methods it is required to have version 0710+

Legacy Deployments

As of version Overwatch is sunsetting legacy deployment methods. Please reference the links above for a simpler and more advanced method for deploying Overwatch.

Migrating From Legacy Deployments (versions <0710)

If you’re ready to migrate from the legacy deployment to the new deployment method, all you need to do is:

  • Stop all the Overwatch jobs on all workspaces
  • Follow the deployment guide here
  • BEFORE YOU RUN DEPLOYMENT – if you’re using an internal metastore, execute the drop database commands below
    • This will drop your database schemas / metadata (NOT THE DATA) and ensure all the metadata paths line up. After you complete the subsequent Overwatch run the databases and all the data will reappear in your metastore.
    • This will take your databases offline for a bit (on this workspace only) while the Overwatch job runs.
drop database <etl_database_name> cascade;
drop database <consumer_database_name> cascade;