Sometimes upgrading from one version to the next requires a schema change. In these cases, the CHANGELOG will be explicit. Upgrades MUST be executed WITH the new library (jar) and before the pipeline is executed. The general upgrade process is:

  • Use the compactString of parameters to instantiate the workspace
    • The compact string can be found in your original runner notebook which you got from here
  • Call the upgrade function for the version to which you’re upgrading and pass in the workspace object

Basic pseudocode can be found below as a reference. For actual version upgrade scripts please reference the upgrade scripts linked to your target version in the Changelog.

When a schema upgrade is required between versions, this step cannot be skipped. Overwatch will not allow you to continue on a version that requires a newer schema.

A sample notebook is provided below for reference.

Upgrade.html / Upgrade.dbc

import com.databricks.labs.overwatch.utils.Upgrade
import com.databricks.labs.overwatch.pipeline.Initializer
val prodArgs = """<myConfigCompactString>""" // from runner notebook

// A more verbose example is available in the example notebooks referenced above
val prodWorkspace = Initializer(prodArgs)
val upgradeReport = Upgrade.upgradeTo060(prodWorkspace, ...)