As A JAR (Legacy)

As of version Overwatch will begin sunsetting this deployment method. Please reference Running A Job As A Jar for the updated method for deploying Overwatch. This method will likely be deprecated in Overwatch version 0.8 and no longer be supported in 0.9.

The new deployment method provides support for a “single-workspace deployment” or “multi-workspace deployment” where a single Overwatch job is configured and loads data from all workspaces. More importantly, there are at most 3 parameters that can be passed in much more simplistically. More details available in Running A Job As A JAR

Executing Overwatch As A JAR Job (Legacy)

Executing Overwatch as a JAR is the same as via a notebook. The only difference is how the configs are passed in. The tricky party about the main class is that the parameters must be passed in as a json array of escaped strings.

The Jump Start Notebooks are there to help you configure Overwatch correctly with validations in place and then output this escaped json string for you; this is done on the line

// use this to run Overwatch as a job

Running A Specific Pipeline

Notice that the escaped Overwatch Json config goes inside the array of strings parameter config. If you only want to run the Silver pipeline simply add a single string in front of the json escaped string as the first parameter.

["silver", "<overwatch_escaped_params>"]

The full list of optional parameters is below. If you do not specify a specific pipeline, all will be executed.

["bronze", "<overwatch_escaped_params>"]
["silver", "<overwatch_escaped_params>"]
["gold", "<overwatch_escaped_params>"]

If a single argument passed to main class: Arg(0) is Overwatch Parameters json string (escaped if sent through API). If TWO arguments are passed to main class: Arg(0) must be ‘bronze’, ‘silver’, or ‘gold’ corresponding to the Overwatch Pipeline layer you want to be run. Arg(1) will be the Overwatch Parameters json string.