Future Roadmap#

The general plan for Tempo’s future development is below. However, it is worth noting that based on the demand the order of development might change.

Tempo’s future plan

  • Next generation API version 0.2

  1. Meta-data cleanup

  2. Simpler constructors

  3. New core TSDF transformation functions

  • Clear separation of resampling & interpolation functions

  • Intervals API

  1. Extract intervals from TSDFs

  2. Get distinct (non-overlapping intervals)

  3. Interval-TSDF joins

  • Streaming Support 🚀

  1. Streaming as-of joins

  2. Streaming resampling

  • Integration with timeseries forecasting & ML libraries: 📈

  1. statsmodels

  2. FB Prophet

  3. Tensorflow

  4. Pytorch

  5. tsfresh

  6. sktime

And many more…

  • Simpler Windowing API

  1. Use natural-language expressions (ie “5 mins”, “16 days”, etc.)

Don’t see what you are looking for, reach out to the team directly at labs@databricks.com with your feature requests and ideas for improvement.