Q. How do I get started ?

Please refer to the Getting Started guide

Q. How do I create metadata DLT-META ?

DLT-META needs following metadata files:

Q. What is DataflowSpecs?

DLT-META translates input metadata into Delta table as DataflowSpecs

Q. How many DLT pipelines will be launched using DLT-META?

DLT-META uses data_flow_group to launch DLT pipelines, so all the tables belongs to same group will be executed under single DLT pipeline.

Q. Can we run onboarding for bronze layer only?

Yes! Remove silver related attributes from onboarding file and call onboard_bronze_dataflow_spec() API from OnboardDataflowspec. Similarly you can run silver layer onboarding separately using onboard_silver_dataflow_spec()API from OnboardDataflowspec with silver parameters included in onboarding_params_map

onboarding_params_map = {
                      "bronze_dataflowspec_path": bronze_dataflowspec_path,

from src.onboard_dataflowspec import OnboardDataflowspec
OnboardDataflowspec(spark, onboarding_params_map).onboard_bronze_dataflow_spec()